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Laser cosmetology equipment products page

SDL15 professional or home use laser epilation machine

SDL30 2 cm spot size beam laser hair removal system

SDL50 professional laser for unwanted hair removal

SDL80 high output laser for epilation and tattoo removal

SDL90-C cool tip 808nm diode laser for dermatology

SDL100 high output 220 jcm2/second laser for advanced skin treatments

SPL300 home or professional use intense pulsed light system

SPL600 IPL system for salon or private use photo epilation procedures

SPL800 high output intense pulsed light machine for tattoo and hair removal

SDPL standard hybrid laser and pulsed light epilation system

SDPL DELUXE IPL and laser for advanced dermatology procedures

Galvanic and Blend tone electrolysis equipment and information

Beauty Ion Pro galvanic face lift and tummy tuck machine

Epitron shortwave painless tweezer permanent hair removal systems

Non invasive electrolysis equipment for permanent hair removal

Laser and IPL accessories and supplies for permanent hair reduction

Starting a laser or ipl permanent hair removal business

Before and after laser and ipl permanent hair removal treatments pictures

Home use laser for unwanted hair removal

Laser and Pulsed Light treatment information and pictures

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